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       Roger Salloch is a writer and photographer. He is American and lives in Paris. Along the Railroad Tracks, a novel, has just been translated into Italian (Una Storia Tedesca) and published by Miraggi edizioni in Turin.It is being translated into French with support from the CNL and will be published in Paris by Maurice Nadeau this fall.




        Short stories, poems, photographs and critical articles have appeared over the years in The Paris Review, Ploughshares, Fiction, the North Atlantic Review, The Magazine for the Arts (Santa Fe), Works on PaperR in Paris, and Sud in Rome. Romantica, Romantica, a recently completed libretto was co-written with Yvonne Baby. It has received development funds from Pierre Bergé. 




        Last word, a short film which Roger Salloch wrote and directed was produced by Les Films du Losange. He has written screenplays with Daniel Vigne, Costa Gavras and Catherine Breillat. Photography exhibitions (black and white, analog images : see have taken place in New York, Paris, Hamburg, Zurich, Vologda (Russia), Delhi, and Turin.






Writing on the Wall

Texte publié dans The Magazine for the Arts (Santa Fe), juillet 2016.
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Not When I'm Gone


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